How to Fly a Hoverbyrd

It’s easy to get started with Hoverbyrd. It may look like magic, but all you need to do is spin it up and toss it! An internal motor gives it all the power to fly in the sky. When you change the speed and angles you throw your Hoverbyrd new flight paths and tricks can be performed.  

1. Flick the power switch. It's a small black tab on the center of the Hoverbyrd.
2. Shake to Start: Hold the center axis, and shake the device to start your Hoverbyrd. 
3. Give it a toss: To start flying, throw your Hoverbyrd in the sky, and after a few practices throws you will be doing cool tricks in no time! You can toss it across a field or boomerang it to yourself. 
4. Grab to stop: If you wish to stop playing, just grab Hoverbyrd and that will stop the spinning. It's easy and safe.  The enclosed wheel design protects your hands while spinning.